Awareness Campaigns

GA’s Coast is not an Ashtray Campaign

GA’s Coast is not an Ashtray campaign – we participate in this award-winning, annual anti-butt litter campaign in concert with all of Georgia’s coastal Keep America Beautiful affiliates. The campaigns include t-shirt and coaster give-aways, distribution of window decals and posters for ocean-front bars and restaurants, strategic placement of numerous public ashtrays, and Public Service announcements proclaiming ‘Georgia’s Coast is Not an Ashtray’.

Trash-to-Art Projects

Trash-to-Art projects – We have provided many local artists with the raw material to create visual awareness of the litter problem. One of our favorites was with the renowned artist Pam Longobordia, whose original piece was crafted entirely from Tybee beach trash. The exhibit, entitled Intervention with litter collected via Tybee Clean Beach Volunteets and Fight Dirty Tybee, 2018, was organized to look like geological strata in order to bring visibility to the “future fossil” aspect of plastic in the anthropocene era. The piece was displayed for nine months at Savannah’s Jepson Museum of Modern Art, and now resides at the City of Tybee’s Public Safety building.

Collaboration with Riverrat Productions

We have been honored to collaborate on two recent projects involving Riverrat Productions to draw attention to the largely unknown problem of footware – primarily flip flops, sandals, and sneakers – left abandoned on the beach. Unfortunately these items are often swept out sea or get buried in the sand where they slowly degrade into harmful materials that are easily ingested by marine life.

(Leave Only Your Footprints & What’s your footprint)

Turtle-Friendly Tybee

Turtle-Friendly Tybee  – we developed a program of intensive social media support for Tybee’s most sustainable restaurants, including a Turtle-Friendly recognition & window decal program for those establishments that eliminate polystyrene and singe-use plastic bags and straws from their operations. We showcase the owners and why they have chosen to voluntarily find more sustainable solutions for both in-restaurant and take-out dining. Thank them by visiting their wonderful establishments!